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December 06, 2007

Why Does a Filmmaker Know Where Bin Laden is and Bush Doesn't

  • Maybe Mr.Bush could ask Morgan Spurlock where Bin Laden. Who's he? This is the guy who made the documentary, "Super Size Me." Spurlock has done a documentary that some say believe has determined where the al Qaeda chief is located.
  • Hillary fired a campaign worker who sent e-mails denouncing Obama as a "Muslim." This is another Clinton scandal coming out at the wrong time. I'm also suspicious of Billary, how much did her campaign know about the e-mailer before she got caught.

  • The White House deleting of millions e-mails could be the best vehicle for impeaching the Bush gang.

  • If that isn't enough to impeach with, how about covering-up intelligence that showed Iran had no active nuclear program. Seymour Hersh disclosed this information over a year ago. Hersh also said recently that it could be Israel that does the bombing of Iran, since they refuse to accept the NIE conclusion. And then there is the question of whether Bush might decide he feels it is not necessary to obtain approval from Congress before a targeted bombing of Iran. Don't be surprised. This administration is capable of anything.

  • Edwards agrees with me about the opportunity that arises when Obama and Clinton are at each other throats. It happened last time when Gephardt went after Dean just before Iowa in 2004. Kerry sneaked in and won Iowa. If Edwards doesn't win the first caucus state he's done.

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