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December 05, 2007

Hillary Overstates Her Endorsements from Black Ministers

  • Endorsementgate? Slick Hillary could be exaggerating the number of endorsements she's getting from African-American ministers.
  • Hillary has a clever response to the question of a dynasty: 'It takes a Clinton to clean up after a Bush.' The question is who would clean up after another Clinton.

  • It sounds like Israel still has plans on bombing Iran. They've warned in the past that if the U.S. didn't do it they would.

  • Ask Robert Gates about Iran he will tell you that violence is down in Iraq. Then again, weren't Iranians causing a problem over there?

  • The Katrina aid fraud is an example of how some people will take advantage of generosity. It is also an example of how inept the government is.

  • The fallout from lead contaminated toys continues. It is estimated that 35 percent of toys contain lead. This is the consequence of the failure to inspect imported goods while in the greedy pursuit of profits.

  • What do you do when the NAFTA trade agreement has failed? Create a new agreement, this time with Peru:

    Opponents also looked to the bigger picture, blaming past trade pacts, particularly with China and Mexico, for rising trade deficits and the loss of American manufacturing jobs. ''One of the major reasons that the middle class in the United States is shrinking, poverty is increasing and the gap between the rich and the poor is growing wider is in fact due to our disastrous, unfettered, trade policy,'' Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt, said.

    The accord has strong backing from business groups such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Manufacturers. It is opposed by labor and other groups who say the tougher labor and environmental standards won't be enforced and that Peruvian peasants won't be able to compete with cheaper American farm goods.

    It would immediately eliminate duties on 80 percent of U.S. consumer and industrial product sales to Peru and most agriculture goods, and gradually phase out all tariffs. Almost all Peruvian goods already enjoy duty-free status under trade breaks the United States extends to Andean nations to boost their economies and provide alternatives to illicit drug production.

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