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December 03, 2007

Did Bush WH Try to Suppress Iran Nuke Facts?

  • Iran halted its nuke program in 2003. That isn't what the neocons have been telling us. It sounds just like what we learned about Iraq after we had invaded. This time we are learning about before an attack on Iran has happened. Apparently, there are some in the intelligence community that don't want anything to do with bombing Iran. This is a devastating blow to the Bush gang. It makes it extremely difficult for them to make an argument for war. But I won't celebrate just yet, not until this clique is out of power.

  • Of course, the White House knew about the findings years ago and tried to suppress the truth. Congress might want to look into a cover-up here. You know, "what did he know and when did he know it."

  • John McCain might be the most qualified to be President but that isn't saying much. Then again, after confusing Saddam Hussein for Osama Bin Laden he might be too old.

  • Let's not forget Rudolph Giuliani is a Washington lobbyist. This Times article suggests maybe his firms loyalties are not always the same as that of this Republican White House.

  • That is why self-regulation is not good in any industry. They tend to protect their own. Look at Congress, they have an ethics committee. Does that mean that we don't have a corrupt legislative branch?

  • Protecting consumers from credit card companies, now that's an idea. What do you have for us, Hillary?

  • Congress is doing such a great job they've decided to shorten their work week. This at time when the Senate and House have seen the worst approval ratings since polls started being used. This quote is absolutely hilarious:

    “This schedule not only will help this body build on its successes of 2007, but also permit members adequate time in their districts to perform important work for their constituents,” Hoyer said in the letter.

  • al Qaeda is making a comeback in Afghanistan. This means that we've lost all those brave American soldiers (including those in Iraq) in vain. All because of the stupidity and treachery of the Bush administration.
  • King George has even antagonized our closest, and loyal ally, the Canadians. How bad can it get diplomatically? This dummy has antogonized just about everyone.

  • A national disgrace: 40 million Americans can't afford health care. I have no faith that will change with the next President and Congress.

  • I'm here watching the Patriots game and listening to these lame announcers covering the game. What possessed ESPN to hire these guys. It looks like the undefeated season is over. What's with the Led Zeppelin?

  • If your kids are coughing up a storm tonight, try honey.

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