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December 04, 2007

Robert Reich: Clinton Lacks 'Conviction About Anything'

  • Ouch! An important member of the Clinton cabinet has blasted Hillary. Robert Reich, Bill Clinton's Labor Secretary, accused Hillary of not being honest on the issues.

  • The new angry Hillary: has it cost her the nomination? It only just increases her negatives. Part of the thinking is the belief that attacks unresponded to guarantees defeat. That was the case in recent general elections, but is it the case for the primaries. The danger is if she goes after Obama, and vice versa, Edwards could sneak in there. She's got a problem.

  • Speaking of angry, Hillary is ready to "Kill Bill" over his Iraq comment.

  • Joe Scarborough just reiterated this morning the point I've been making, Hillary cannot win Iowa or its over. He also pointed out that Romney is still in a stronger position despite Huckabee's meteoric rise in Iowa.

  • Some Democratic politicians are concerned if Hillary wins the nomination. Polls show that she cannot win a majority of the vote in a general election. Also she could be poison in some Republican leaning states.

  • John McCain is the only major candidate talking about the military threat coming from China. Since he has no chance of winning, the next President will probably allow that country to become a threat just like Clinton and Bush allowed al Qaeda become the threat it is.

  • The refugees of Iraq have been victimized twice, once by the invasion and then by the country taking them in.

  • We need worry about what's going on along our southern border. Drug gangs are even murdering celebrities.

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