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December 03, 2007

We Live in an Intolerant World: Has al Qaeda Won?

  • Mr.law and order, if he says so himself, Rudolph Giuliani, obviously had more on his mind than fighting crime while mayor of New York. Not only did he have detectives driving his mistress around town he also had police officers walking her dog.
  • Then there is the other New York politician running for the White House. Hillary is trying to fight back after negative publicity lately. She is calling for a moratorium on mortgage foreclosures, and the freezing of adjustable rates. This is nothing but a gimmick, which does nothing to solve the housing crisis, but it sounds good--gets votes.

  • Speaking of phony, Edwards spends a lot of time denouncing the lobbyists in Washington. What he doesn't mention is that one the biggest lobbying groups supports his candidacy: the trial lawyers.

  • Meanwhile, Obama is getting endorsed the Des Moines Mayor.

  • Romney is going to give a Kennedy-type speech on faith, which he needs to do. It might determine whether he wins the election next fall.

  • It could be worse, she could be involved in the Scandal that is affecting Larry Craig. The Idaho Senator can no longer make the ridiculous claim that he was picking up a tissue and that he has a wide stance. Now you have 8 men who think his bathroom technique was somewhat suspicious.

  • Makes you almost wanna move to Canada.

  • Be thankful you are not a Christian and live in Iraq. 60 Minutes did a story yesterday on the fact that Christians in Iraq are worse off today than under Saddam Hussein. The ultimate indictment of this war.

  • Its official, Putin is a thug. I'm wondering whether Bush is getting any ideas.

  • At least the people prevailed in Venezuela.

  • Intolerance and irrationality seem to be winning out. Has al Qaeda won? Don Imus coming back to radio is the latest example of a society that has lost its moral bearings.

  • How did al Qaeda get the Chinese-made missiles? It can be argued that the Chinese are major supporters of terrorism. Whether in Darfur or Afghanistan.

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