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June 28, 2007

Rising Federal Spending Tied to Contracts

Cheney, the power behind the throne, and his puppet, Bush, are pillaging our government in favor of business interests (Haliburton) and that of their fellow war profiteers. Some conservatives naively believed that this president would be one of them and reduce the size of government. I'm sure they must be disappointed unless they consider plunder a Conservative principle:
When George W. Bush reclaimed the White House for the Republicans in 2000, he asserted that his party would use tightfisted management techniques to get federal spending under control. Instead, spending has spiraled to records annually, growing by nearly half in the six years since he took office.

And the Democrats, who regained control of Congress in January, reported Wednesday that contracts with businesses to provide government services — everything from cafeteria management to weapons systems — were heavily responsible. Contracts let by the government with limited or no competition are growing fastest of all, the Democrats said.

But more importantly, did you see that Larry King interview of Paris?

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