Daily Revolt

June 27, 2007

Chinese Company Denies Tire Defect

It isn't just food poisoning that we have to worry about when it comes to Chinese imports. Our government obviously won't do very much about it since they don't want to hurt a very profitable relationship. The Chinese take the predictable paranoid approach. The problem is even our worthless government took action to stop all these dangerous products from reaching our market, the Chinese have plenty of leverage against us. They own us. We depend on the Mainland to buy our bonds to keep us financially afloat, since we're the largest debtor nation in the world:
The Chinese manufacturer of 450,000 tires that United States regulators have ordered to be recalled denied Tuesday that they were defective, saying the accusations might be fabricated.

The tires, which were sold for use on vans, sport utility vehicles and pickup trucks, have already been linked to at least two deaths in the United States, possibly because of a missing “gum strip,” which could allow the tire treads to separate.

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