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June 25, 2007

Even the Left Thinks She's a Slick Hillary

What does this say about Hillary Clinton when a pro-Democrat Blogger essentially calls her a phony:
To ignore the mounting problem of health care is what we have come to expect from the GOP but for a top tier Democratic candidate to dance around the issue is not the kind of leadership that people want.

It gets worser:
It is as if she's trying so hard to have it both ways on every key issue, offending no one and standing up for no one as well. I understand that everyone needs to build consensus, an important part of her earlier failure, but one day you have to stand for something if you expect to be President. Otherwise, just stick to the Senate where it doesn't matter and you can stay lost in the crowd with murky positions.

Newsweek surprisingly hit the same theme about the Senator from New York (although she is not really a New Yorker). You expect this type of language from a right-winger:
Slick Hillary? Former President Clinton earned the nickname "Slick Willy" for his mastery in the political arts of ducking and dodging.

He had a knack for convincing people on both sides of an issue that he agreed with them.

His wife may not be as smooth, but Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton is doing a passable impression of the ever-parsing former president.

But will her deception get her to the White House:
But what stood out was her reluctance to address questions head-on.

This habit of hers begs a question: Will the Clintonian tactic help her in the crowded Democratic field, or hurt her in the eyes of voters who have grown coarsened by the spin and obfuscation that marred both the Clinton and Bush administrations?

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