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June 24, 2007

Illegal Alien Faces Deportation After Election to California City Council

This case clearly illustrates how our immigration laws are broken:
Zoila Meyer spent her whole life believing she was an American.

Her parents brought her with them from Cuba when she was 1 year old and always told her she was a U.S. citizen. She even won election to the City Council of Adelanto, a town of about 23,000 in Southern California's high desert.

But on Tuesday, immigration officers put the 40-year-old mother of four in handcuffs and she is facing deportation for illegally voting.

It begs the question: why wasn't she found out earlier on:
Meyer said she and her parents had visited Canada and she had gone many times to Mexico without anyone ever asking her to prove her citizenship.

This is only the latest example of what has the American people up in arms. The Congress and President want to pull one over on us with the current immigration legislation. But we are not having it. Finally the American people are standing up to a government that does not represent us:
Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama, a leading Republican opponent of the bill, said support for it was continuing to drop.

“A lot of key senators that were thought to be supportive have announced in recent days that they don’t support it,” he said on ABC. “The poll numbers continue to plummet.”

Congressional Republicans, in particular, realize that the people are angry at them for supporting a charade disguised as immigration reform, and are starting to speak out against the proposed legislation. They also realize that this president has no clout on Capitol Hill:
The president has been stepping up lobbying on behalf of the crippled immigration bill. Last week, he visited the Capitol to try to assure wary Senate Republicans that border security was a driving force behind his push for changes in immigration law.

This legislation will do nothing to change the fiasco which is the immigration system:
Mr. Sessions said that he supported comprehensive overhaul of immigration law, but that “this bill will not achieve that vision.”

“It will not work,” he said. “We will be on the verge of giving an amnesty for 12 million people, but not getting a legal system in the future that will work, and that’s the difficulty.

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