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June 30, 2007

Poll: Calls To Get Out Of Iraq Escalate

The American people are correct to view this president with contempt. But they are also correct in viewing both Congress and Mr.Bush equally to blame. We have a government that no longer represents us, regardless of political party:
More Americans than ever before, 77 percent, say the war is going badly, up from 66 percent just two months ago. Nearly half, 47 percent, say it's going very badly.

The surge was nothing but a hoax intended to buy time for this fascist White House:
While the springtime surge in U.S. troops to Iraq is now complete, more Americans than ever are calling for U.S. forces to withdraw. Sixty-six percent say the number of U.S. troops in Iraq should be decreased, including 40 percent who want all U.S. troops removed. That's a 7-point increase since April.

But does he get it? I'm afraid not:
The poll has bad news for President Bush, too. His job approval rating slipped to 27 percent, his lowest number ever in a CBS News poll — 3 points less than last month and 1 point below his previous low of 28 percent in January. His disapproval rating is also at an all-time high of 65 percent.

We are no longer respected worldwide. All because of Mr.Bush:
Seven in 10 Americans say the United States is not respected around the world today. More than half say President Bush's foreign policy has made world leaders less likely to cooperate with the U.S.; just 10 percent say he's made foreign leaders more agreeable.

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