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June 23, 2007

Press Bias Finally Exposed

Many have argued for a long time that most reporters for mainstream news outlets held a liberal bias. Newsweek finally exposed that bias. The most outrageous example is of Randy Cohen:
A newspaper in Washington state announced yesterday it was dumping the "The Ethicist" column of New York Times writer Randy Cohen after he was fingered for forking over campaign cash to the liberal MoveOn.org.

The article quote comes the NY Post, part of Murdoch empire which includes FOX news, the most biased of all--on behalf of Republicans:
Cohen was named this week in an MSNBC report detailing the political donations of 144 reporters, editors, TV producers and other workers at media organizations, nearly 90 percent of whom were found to have given money to Democrats and other left-leaning political outfits.

Cohen gave $585 in 2004 to MoveOn.org as it worked to replace President Bush with Democrat John Kerry.

Although, the biggest issue is that the people don't trust the press, on the whole:
The public continues to express skepticism toward news outlets and those who run them. More than half (53%) agree with the statement "I often don't trust what news organizations are saying." Nearly as many (48%) believe people who decide on news content are "out of touch."

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