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June 20, 2007

Army Data Show a Continued Risk for New Orleans

Restoring New Orleans has become a cause celebre. The media is fawnishly fond of covering celebrity fund raisers for the famous Lousiana city. It is also used as a political cause to bash the Bush administration. Although the Bushies deserve much if not most of the blame for what happened in the Katrina aftermath, Democrats deserve plenty of criticism. Nevertheless, the rush to re-populate New Orleans is positively criminal. It is a policy based on nostalgia and political correctness, rather than sound policy. Who will be to blame the next time New Orleans gets washed out. The truth is New Orleans will never be fit to live again. It was never meant to be populated. That was argument made decades ago by the same Army Corps of Engineers:
After nearly two years of work, the Army Corps of Engineers revealed yesterday which New Orleans neighborhoods and blocks were the most vulnerable to flooding, and which were the best protected. The report shows that despite considerable improvement, large swaths of the city are still likely to be flooded in a major storm.

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