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June 22, 2007

Bloomberg and Giuliani: Egos Too Big for this Town

Rudolph Giuliani wants us to believe that New York's "success" can be traced to him only. While mayor during the 1990s he fired the police commissioner because he was getting credit for bringing down the crime rate in the city. Now Mayor Bloomberg wants everyone to know that he is the baddest politician in town. It is possible we could see 3 candidates coming from the Big Apple. All 3 have a lot in common. They all are total political opportunists. All 3 have sloppy personal lives. And all 3 have larger egos than talent as political leaders:
"I like Mike very much," Giuliani said Wednesday. "I am disappointed he left the Republican Party. I still respect what he has done as mayor."

But behind the scenes, his loyalists are blasting what they call Bloomberg's betrayal of his political mentor.

What would Mr.Giuliani know about loyalty? While Mayor he endorsed the Democratic incumbent Governor over the eventual winner from his own party.

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