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September 24, 2007

Senators Propose Legislation Paving Way for War with Iran

Now we have the legislative framework for starting a war with Iran. You probably didn't hear about this in the mainstream press. They were too busy telling us about the evil Ahmadinejad's visit to New York. In fact, the U.S. press is inciting the hatred of Iran, which is exactly what the White House wants. The American people are being manipulated just as they were before the invasion of Iraq. The press just mimics the White House talking points. It is saddening to see a great nation being dragged into an abyss. We've suspended all critical thinking and just follow the leader as if we lived in some totalitarian country, free speech or not:
The resolution — an amendment to a defense appropriations bill — is sponsored by Jon Kyl, Joseph Lieberman, Norm Coleman, and Lindsey Graham. It expresses the sense of the Senate that the U.S. should “combat, contain, and roll back” Iran’s “violent activities and destabilizing influence inside Iraq.” It counsels doing so “through the prudent and calibrated use of all instruments of [U.S. power], including diplomatic, economic, intelligence, and military instruments.” It also urges the administration to designate the Revolutionary Guards a terrorist organization.

Here are some other takes:
- Stop the Lieberman-Kyl-Graham-Coleman Declaration of War on Iran
- Lieberman and Lindsey DADT Graham to offer amendment authorizing war with Iran
- This is a threat from Conservative Senator Sam Brownback

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