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September 24, 2007

Giuliani's Rhetoric Vs. Record On Terror

Giuliani has gotten away with political fraud for much too long, but the truth is getting out. If he were to get elected President it would mean more of same of what we've seen for the last six and half years. The former Mayor is just as arrogant as Bush, maybe even more, if that is possible. He is also a meglomanic, with delusions of grandeur. These words comes from a New Yorker who survived this man's reign in the 199os:
The former New York City mayor exhorts America to fight back in what he calls the "terrorists' war on us" and accuses Democrats of reverting to their "denial" in the 1990s, when, he said, President Bill Clinton erred by treating terrorism as a law enforcement matter, not a war.

[...]But for most of Giuliani's career as a Department of Justice official, prosecutor and New York's chief executive, terrorism was a narrow aspect of his broader crime-fighting agenda, which was dominated by drug dealers, white-collar criminals and the Mafia. Giuliani expressed confidence that Islamic extremism could be contained through vigorous investigation by law enforcement agencies and prosecution in the court system -- the same approach he now condemns.

[...]As mayor, Giuliani made decisions that seemed to discount the gravity of the terrorist threat, such as placing his emergency command center at the World Trade Center a few years after the 1993 bombing attack there, against the wishes of top advisers. By his own account, it was after Sept. 11 that he started reading up on al-Qaeda, devouring a book that his then-girlfriend Judith Nathan bought for him.

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