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September 24, 2007

Bush Supporter Gets Lucrative Iraq Oil Deal

What a surprise, a Texas oil man, who happens to be a big supporter of Bush gets a big oil contract while we occupy Iraq. Didn't Alan Greenspan say that the reason we were in Iraq was for the oil? I rest my case:
The oil deal signed between Hunt Oil and the government in Iraq's Kurdish region earlier this month has raised eyebrows, in no small part because it appears to undercut President Bush's hope that Iraq could draft national legislation to share revenue from the country's vast oil reserves. Making the deal more curious is that it was crafted by one of the administration's staunchest supporters, Ray Hunt.

Hunt, chief executive of the Dallas-based company, has been a major fundraiser and contributor to Bush's presidential campaigns. He also serves on the president's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board, putting him close to the latest information developed by the nation's intelligence agencies.

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