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September 23, 2007

U.S. Military Chief Foresees 'No War' with Iran

Did you clear these comments with the boss, or don't you know? I would think the latter. Bush has his own agenda that does not concern itself with the opinion of the military. This neocon White House is going full speed ahead with plans for war with Iran. Fallon, like Petraeus, might be just administration dupes, cover for the planned war. The Admiral might want to read the blogs:
The commander of U.S. military forces in the Middle East does not believe current tensions with Iran will lead to war and urges for greater emphasis on dialogue and diplomacy.

He made these comments to Al-Jazeera. I thought this news outlet was a mouth piece of the terrorists:
“I expect that there will be no war and that is what we ought to be working for,” said Fallon during the Friday interview at Al-Jazeera’s headquarters in Qatar. “We should find ways through which we can bring countries to work together for the benefit of all .... It is not a good idea to be in a state of war. We ought to try and to do our utmost to create different conditions.”

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