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September 23, 2007

Cheney Mulled Israeli Strike on Iran: Newsweek

You would think something as serious as this would warrant an investigation from the Congress. Don't hold your breath. No one is sounding the alarm other than some blogs and left wing activists. I don't think Hillary was asked about it during her many interviews today. We know George Bush even refuses to answer the question, witness his arrogant behaviour on the question of Israel during his press conference this week. If you don't think war with Iran is a good idea, call your Congressperson, or someone else's representative, and ask them for their view on war with Iran, and whether Bush should ask Congress for permission before bombing. If they refuse to answer the question then you should hold them accountable if war breaks out:
Vice President Dick Cheney had at one point considered asking Israel to launch limited missile strikes at an Iranian nuclear site to provoke a retaliation, Newsweek magazine reported on Sunday.

The news comes amid reports that Israel launched an air strike against Syria this month over a suspected nuclear site.

Citing two unidentified sources, Newsweek said former Cheney Middle East adviser David Wurmser told a small group several months ago that Cheney was considering asking Israel to strike the Iranian nuclear site at Natanz.

A military response by Iran could give Washington an excuse to then launch airstrikes of its own, Newsweek said.

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