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June 19, 2007

Iraq Operation Against al Qaeda: Nothing but a Whack-a-mole Arcade Game

Who believes that the surge will accomplish anything? You are a fool if you buy into this PR offensive:
In more than four years in Iraq, American forces have been confounded by insurgents who have often slipped away only to fight another day. The war in Iraq has been likened to the arcade game of whack-a-mole, where as soon as you knock down one mole another pops up.

Taking the fight to insurgents from Al Qaeda did not so much destroy them in Anbar Province as dislodge them, prompting the fighters to build up their strength elsewhere, including Baquba, the capital of Diyala Province.

Just what we needed another multi-millionaire running for President. And the second NYC mayor running basing their campaign on a myth. And the 3rd New York politician to run. This would be Bloomberg's third different party affiliation:
New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, often mentioned as a possible third-party 2008 presidential candidate, said on Tuesday he was changing his political status to independent from Republican.

Why was this guy working for Giuliani eventhough he was under suspicion for months:
South Carolina Treasurer Thomas Ravenel, a former real estate developer who became a rising political star after his election last year, was indicted Tuesday on federal cocaine charges.

Ravenel is also the state chairman for former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani's presidential campaign.

Democrats grill Bush CIA nominee about detainees:
President George W. Bush's pick for top CIA legal officer came under fire from Senate Democrats on Tuesday for his role in an interrogation and detention program that brought accusations of torture against the United States.

Ex-Narcotics Cop Sells DVDs on How to Stash Pot and Beat the Law:
Barry Cooper sells a DVD on how to stash pot in your car without getting caught. This fall he will release a second one on how to keep police from raiding your home for marijuana.

Now for the kicker: Cooper is a former narcotics officer once considered among the top cops in Texas, where more marijuana is seized each year than in any other state.

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