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May 08, 2007

Report: Iraq Child Mortality Rate Soars

This fact is the greatest indictment of Bush's Iraqi adventure. What could be worse? Not even under Saddam Hussein did we see such horrifying numbers. We should all be ashamed that we are part of this outrage. Mr.Bush: How will the surge turn this situation around? I guess if we kill everyone or force them out of Iraq then we can "win" the war:
The chance that an Iraqi child will live beyond age 5 has plummeted faster than anywhere else in the world since 1990, according to a report released Tuesday, which placed the country last in its child survival rankings.

One in eight Iraqi children died of disease or violence before reaching their fifth birthday in 2005, according to the report by Save the Children, which said Iraq ranked last because it had made the least progress toward improving child survival rates.

Iraq's mortality rate has soared by 150 percent since 1990. Even before the latest war, Iraq was plagued by electricity shortages, a lack of clean water and too few hospitals.

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