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May 05, 2007

How Safe is Our Food: 20 million Chickens held Because of Feed Danger

It is only a matter of time before large numbers of people are poisoned by food products. It will happen because there is no concern being expressed by anyone. We will wait, like so many issues, until something bad happens before being outraged then taking action. Where are the politicians? Shouldn't this be a pressing issue? But then again even after the Texas Tech tragedy nothing is really being done to curtail the lax gun laws in this country:
Federal officials on Friday placed a hold on 20 million chickens raised for market in several states because their feed was mixed with pet food containing an industrial chemical.

And when that food contamination tragedy happens we will begin to question China's role in all this. For too long that repressive country has been harming the U.S. with their exports. And because the profits are so great our whoring government coddles the Chinese:
Investigators found last week that about 5 percent of feed used at some smaller chicken production operations came from pet food tainted with the chemical melamine, Williams said. Larger manufacturers, because they usually use special feed for the chickens they raise or contract for raising, are unlikely to have exposed their animals to large amounts of the tainted pet products, he said.

Our government isn't doing enough to protect our food supply. You can bet that it has something to do with the food industry lobbyists keeping the politicians looking the other way:
Rep. Rosa L. DeLauro, D-Conn., the chairwoman of the House Appropriations' agriculture subcommittee and co-chairwoman of the Congressional Food Safety Caucus, said the link between the tainted pet food and chicken feed "highlights the egregious holes in our food safety system."

"It is time to grant the FDA and other food safety agencies clear mandatory recall and inspection authority," she said in a statement. "These initial steps would help create a modern, comprehensive food safety agency that will be capable of protecting our food supply and restoring consumer confidence."

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