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May 05, 2007

NRA Wants to Sell Guns to Terrorists

In the wake of the Texas Tech slaughter, how shocking to read that the NRA is thumbing its nose at the public. They want to be able to sell guns, even to terrorists. They've put their profits and twisted principles above the safety our people. And this NRA-lackey president and government will probably give them what they want:
The National Rifle Association is urging the Bush administration to withdraw its support of a bill that would prohibit suspected terrorists from buying firearms.

Backed by the Justice Department, the measure would give the attorney general the discretion to block gun sales, licenses or permits to terror suspects.

This shows what the NRA is really about. It will be interesting to see how many Democrats will stand up to that powerful lobby. Democrats have remained silent in the wake of the Texas Tech horror. Both parties are too craven to stand up to the NRA:
In a letter this week to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, NRA executive director Chris Cox said the bill, offered last week by Sen. Frank Lautenberg, D-N.J., "would allow arbitrary denial of Second Amendment rights based on mere 'suspicions' of a terrorist threat."

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