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May 04, 2007

FBI to Investigate LA Police Response to Immigration Rally

Mobs, many of them illegal aliens, are running wild through the streets of LA and the police are not allowed to stop it. This is nothing less than a surrender to the power of the Mexican-American influence in this part of the country:
The FBI will open a civil rights inquiry into the Los Angeles Police Department's actions at an immigration rally at which officers cleared a park by wielding batons and firing rubber bullets, the bureau said Thursday.

The preliminary inquiry seeks to determine "whether the civil rights of protesters taking part in the May 1st immigration rally were violated," according to an FBI news release.

The police have a right to defend themselves from rock throwers. The media almost always captures the police response and not those provoking them. The police exists to prevent lawlessness and chaos:
The clashes started around 6 p.m. Tuesday, when police tried to disperse demonstrators who moved into a street, according to rally organizers and reporters. Officers used batons to push the crowd back to the sidewalk after several people threw rocks and bottles at them, then cleared the park, authorities said.

News images showed police hitting a TV cameraman to the ground, shoving people who were walking away from officers and injuries from the rubber bullets. Bratton has said the use of force occurred while officers were trying to deal with 50 to 100 "agitators" who were trying to provoke police.

A police order to disperse probably wasn't effective because it was in English and given from a helicopter, Bratton said Wednesday. Many at the protest were Spanish speakers, he said.

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