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April 22, 2007

Shells Rock Mogadishu, Corpses rot in Street

Wasn't the U.S. involved in this mess not too long ago. And when will we be involved again:
Rotting corpses lay in the open and explosions shook Mogadishu on Sunday for a fifth day of battles between insurgents and allied Somali-Ethiopian troops that have killed more than 200 people, residents said.

This is another front in war on jihadists. It is also another war that is being lost:
The Islamists ruled most of south Somalia for the second half of 2006, before being defeated by the interim government and its Ethiopian military backers in a war over the New Year.

But Islamist fighters -- backed by some disgruntled Hawiye clan elements and foreign jihadists -- have regrouped to rise up against President Abdullahi Yusuf's administration and his Ethiopian backers whom they regard as hated foreign invaders.

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