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April 19, 2007

Bush: Be Sure to Question Odd Behavior

Does this include Presidents who ignore all opinions and goes and starts fights with all his neighbors:
President Bush said on Thursday that mass shootings are a reminder that people must be willing to raise a red flag about others' disturbing behavior.

Odd Behaviour? How about callous disregard for the loss of human life, like the sending of troops to certain death or maiming in Iraq:
"One of the lessons of these tragedies is to make sure that when people see somebody or know somebody who is exhibiting abnormal behavior, you do something about it, to suggest that somebody take a look," the president said during an appearance at a high school here.

Why don't you go through everyone's e-mails without their knowledge to find the bad guys before they strike:
In a question-and-answer session, the president was asked by a student what he thought should be done to ensure safety in schools.

He said he didn't want to draw conclusions from the Virginia case because "they're still digging out the facts." But he suggested that concerns about privacy violations, while understandable, may be preventing people from taking needed action.

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