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April 19, 2007

Mass Media Mass Murder Overkill

Here we go with the media overkill. It was predictable. The coverage of the Virginia tragedy is now becoming obscene. We are learning every detail about the life of the shooter. The cable news network are giving 24 hours of non-stop coverage. This story has replaced Anna Nicole and Don Imus. Because nothing gets the media's juices flowing than a sensational mass murder. Columbine was a great media favorite. This latest horror was a chance to surpass any previous events. Don't they keep reminding us of how this is the biggest mass killing in American history. This means bigger ratings and profits. Never mind that we've learned nothing from previous tragedies. But if we had learned something that would've prevented the Virginia Tech shooting. The media doesn't want that.

The families of the victims are outraged that NBC is showing the video sent to them by the shooter. This psycho was not crazy enough to not know that he would become famous. He got what he wanted. It is no coincidence that video was reminiscent of an al qaeda suicide killer last words recorded for posterity. He wanted to become a matyr. And the media has made him that. Other disturbed individuals will be encouraged to do the same thing.

Stayed tuned for the next mass murder. There are usually copycats right after and event like this. Mothers be very afraid.

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