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April 21, 2007

The New Way: If Disgruntled Shoot Down Colleagues

We are seeing all the time now. Someone who has an ax to grind shoots up his place of work or school. Why? Because the media excuses the behaviour. Every time someone kills a whole bunch of people, the press starts to speculate on the motive for the act, as if that somehow excused it. What does it matter what the reason is? People who commit mass murder feel they can get vindication by killing. A senseless act is made somehow legitimate. Someone who kills should not get that satisfaction. Media: don't give a killer what they want; don't give them a platform:
A mediocre job review led a space engineer to buy a gun, then kill a co-worker he blamed for the appraisal and himself at NASA's Johnson Space Center, police said on Saturday.

The engineer, Bill Phillips, 60, left rambling notes saying his victim, David Beverly, called him stupid. He exacted his revenge by gunning him down in their NASA offices on Friday.

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