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April 18, 2007

Hillary and Giuliani Drop in Poll

Hillary is toast:
Clinton, of New York, received the support of 30 percent of registered Democrats, down from 37 percent in a similar CNN poll last month. Among registered Republicans, Giuliani received 27 percent support compared with 34 percent a month earlier.

I guess McCain's Baghdad fraud worked for him:
Senator John McCain, an Arizona Republican, received 24 percent of the support of registered Republicans, up from 18 percent last month. Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney was backed by 10 percent of those who said they were Republicans, little changed from March.

Americans are still not buying the surge nonsense, McCain not withstanding:
Fifty-one percent of those surveyed in a separate poll sponsored by ABC News and The Washington Post said they believe the U.S. will lose the war in Iraq. Thirty-five percent said they think the U.S. will win. According to the poll, 66 percent of Americans think the war was not worth fighting, and 35 percent approve of President George W. Bush's job performance.

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