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October 02, 2007

Top Democrats Propose War Surtax

Have these people lost their minds? It's bad enough that Democrats in Congress have given Bush everything he's asked for, now they want to give Republicans the stick to beat them over the head with:
Top House Democrats Tuesday proposed a "war surtax" to pay for the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, a plan quickly condemned by Republicans and opposed by the House leadership.

The surtax would be "a percentage of your tax bill," said House Appropriations Committee Chairman Dave Obey, D-Wisconsin. "And if you don't like the cost, then shut down the war."

The measure -- sponsored by Obey, Rep. Jack Murtha, D-Pennsylvania, and Jim McGovern, D-Massachusetts -- would require low- and middle-income taxpayers to add 2 percent to their tax bill, while higher-income taxpayers would add 12 to 15 percent, Obey said.

The House Democratic leadership made it clear Wednesday that they had not signed off on the measure.

Why don't you shut down the war, you idiot.

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