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October 01, 2007

UN Warns of Humanitarian Crisis if Israel Cuts Aid

Oh, that's going to help things alright. If Israel weren't hated enough. I guess they think the U.S. will bail them out of everything. And they are probably right:
The UN Office for Humanitarian Affairs has warned Israel it could turn Gaza into a humanitarian disaster if it continues to close the border to food and aid.

Some 238 cargo trucks used to cross into Gaza each day to prevent a crisis among the Gaza population, but that has since been cut back to 106 trucks per day.

This is no solution. Do you want to know what the solutions? Negotiate a peace agreement leading to the creation of a Palestinian state. Unfortunately that won't happen as long as we have an administration that is controlled by the neocons, and a Congress controlled by the Israeli lobby:
The closure of borders and the cutback in deliveries has been in retaliation for the continued shelling of western Israeli communities from the Gaza side.

[...]When Israel knocked out power turbines in July 2006, elevators stopped working, food spoiled, and it was hard to maintain hygiene.

There are 12 public hospitals in Gaza, all of which have emergency generators in case of a power failure. The hospitals will face the same problems.

The UN has warned that if Israel implements the measures, it could be guilty of collective punishment.

Then there is the matter of Syria:
Syria's President Bashar Al-Assad says his country might retaliate against Israel for an Israeli air strike inside Syria last month.

It is the first time Mr Assad has mentioned the attack which he called a sign of Israel's antipathy towards peace.

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