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October 02, 2007

Britain May Pull 1,000 Troops From Iraq

The British are doing what the President and Congress refuse to do: bring home troops:
Britain's prime minister announced plans Tuesday to withdraw more than 1,000 troops from Iraq by year's end, and Iraq said it will take over security from British forces in the southern Basra province within two months.

I guess Bush can no longer tell the British what to do, since his lapdog, Tony Blair, is gone:
U.S. and Iraqi authorities have aired concerns that a British drawdown could jeopardize the region's rich oil resources and the land supply routes from Kuwait to Baghdad.

Isn't that we should be doing, turning the war over to the Iraqis:
"Basra will be one of the provinces where Iraqi forces will completely take over security," he said after the meeting in his Green Zone office.

Brown confirmed al-Maliki's plans and said, "as we move to overwatch, we can move down to 4,500." Brown, who said he was optimistic the troops would be home by Christmas, spoke at the Green Zone residence of Britain's top commander in Iraq, Gen. Bill Rollo.

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