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October 02, 2007

Senate Approves $150B in War Funding Despite Public Opposition

The Democrats cave again. At this point, it is clear there is no hope Congress will stand up to that thug in the White House:
Thwarted in efforts to bring troops home from Iraq, Senate Democrats helped pass a defense policy bill authorizing another $150 billion for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Monday's 92-3 vote comes as the House planned to approve separate legislation Tuesday that requires President Bush to give Congress a plan for eventual troop withdrawals.

The developments underscored the difficulty facing Democrats in the Iraq debate: They lack the votes to pass legislation ordering troops home and are divided on whether to cut money for combat, despite a mandate by supporters to end the war.

Why are the Democrats still voting to give Bush what he wants despite the last election and polls showing the public opposes funding the war:
Most Americans oppose fully funding U.S. President George W. Bush's $190 billion request to fight the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan while a majority supports expanding a children's health care program he has threatened to veto, a Washington Post-ABC News poll shows.

The poll published on Tuesday also shows deep dissatisfaction with the president and with Congress, partly because of the stalemate between Democrats and the White House over Iraq policy, The Washington Post reported.

They are caving despite consistent historic low approval ratings for a screw-up of a president:
Bush's approval rating stands at 33 percent, equal to his all-time low in this poll and just 29 percent approve of the job Congress is doing -- a 14-point drop since Democrats took control in January, the newspaper said.

More than eight in 10 liberal Democrats said Congress has been too restrained in challenging Bush's Iraq policy; about the same percentage of conservative Republicans said it has been too aggressive and a narrow majority of independents, 53 percent, want Congress to do more, the Post reported.

Only about 25 percent of Americans support the administration's $190 billion war funding request; 70 percent want the proposed allocation reduced, the Post said.

Both parties have betrayed us again.

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