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October 25, 2007

Congressman Caught Lying About Taking Money from Pro-Israel Lobby

Congressman Mike Pense, a Republican from Indiana, while appearing on C-SPAN yesterday, was caught in a lie when he claimed, in response to a question, that he did not take money from AIPAC, a poweful pro-Israel lobby.

It was a caller to the program who exposed the Congressman's duplicity. Up to that point, Pense had been shamelessly pandering to the Lobby. He claims his motivation is religious (the Congressman is a Christian) and humanitarian.

The power of the Israeli (and the neocons) lobby is without equal. Congressmen like Pense either take money from AIPAC or they feel a need to tow the line. No one dares challenge the "Lobby." I've never seen a more shameless defender of U.S. government's blank check support for Israel than the Indiana Congressman.

Obviously Pense felt umcomfortable about taking money from AIPAC, otherwise why lie about it. I guess he doesn't want people to know that his views aren't motivated by convinction.

AIPAC's power explains why we are in Iraq, and are about to attack Iran.

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