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October 22, 2007

Hillary has Bought-Off Drudge

You think its a coincidence that Haliburton's profits jumped 19 percent? It is a much as a coincidence as the fact that oil prices, along oil profits, have jumped dramatically during Bush's reign. So it would be appropriate that Cheney's old employer would see their profits make big gains, including their oil division.

And so Bush is asking for more money that he can spend on Iraq, so that Haliburton makes even more profits. Mo money, mo money. And who is the sugar daddy in all this? The Democrat controlled Congress. This spoiled President is demanding that the money be given to him by the end of the year. After all, Haliburton execs need those holiday bonuses. If daddy decides to give-in to junior, again, it could mean that by the end of Bush's presidency $1 trillion will have been spent on the war. That amount would exceed the cost of the Korean and Vietnam wars combined. It is probably the reason Bush vetoed SCHIP legislation so that there is mo money for his favorite project--Iraq.

Even when Dubya leaves office, he'll probably be able to pass on his legacy to the next President, most likely Hillary. She has made it clear that she would carry on his profitable work in Iraq. Except, that some of those profits would then be going to a Clinton crony. That might come as some surprise to those Democrats who think she is against the war. She has sold her soul to the neocons. And since Slick Billary aren't for anyone but themselves, and their friends. If she can buy-off Matt Drudge, the man who almost brought down Bill, she would certainly do whatever it takes to become President:
Yesterday, it emerged that the caring went two ways. The New York Times reported that the Clinton campaign had grown adept at using the Drudge Report to leak news that could steal the thunder from rivals, or to solidify her position as the frontrunner for the Democratic party's presidential nomination for next year.
Earlier this month, Ms Clinton's staff leaked campaign fundraising data to the website just as her rival for the nomination, Barack Obama, was to deliver a policy speech on Iraq - and a crucial 20 minutes before the official release of the information. The story on Ms Clinton's fundraising prowess dominated the news cycle.

If Bush doesn't get the money from Congress he might want ask the Italian mafia for some funds. They make a least $120 billion a year. Just make sure you pay back the loan on time. You might act like a gangster but the Mafia in Italy is the real thing.

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