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July 03, 2007

Hillary Brings out "Husband" in Iowa

Does anyone in the press have the courage to ask the obvious question? Isn't this marriage an arrangement, not a real marriage? And what about allegations that Clinton frequents prostitutes? This is relavent question since if Bill comes back to the White House won't he continue his scandalous sexual behaviour:
Presidential candidates are nearly as hard to miss as American flags in Iowa this week and the biggest fireworks are being delivered by New York Senator Hillary Clinton and her biggest political ally -- her husband. For the first time in the 2008 presidential campaign, former President Bill Clinton appeared at a rally alongside his spouse Monday night.

It is a two-edged sword:
The more public her husband's role, the more the campaign may remind voters of a controversial theme from the 1992 presidential race — the Clintons as a "two-for-the-price-of-one" package.

[...]the campaign is betting that the former president's popularity is worth the risk.

Polls show his approval ratings among Democratic voters at nearly 90%.

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