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May 29, 2007

Russia Tests New Multiple-warhead Missile

After over a decade of not having an arms race, Russia is returning to its old cold war ways. King George has single handedly revived the arms race with Russia. How inept can a president be in terms of foreign policy:
Russia test-fired a new intercontinental ballistic missile on Tuesday featuring multiple warheads which can be independently targeted, Russian agencies reported.

[...]Russia has previously said U.S. plans to build a system in Europe to intercept and shoot down hostile missiles are a threat to its own security. Washington says the system is intended to counter rogue states and does not threaten Russia.

You got to hand it to him, this president is talented at pissing-countries-off:
Turkey asked the United States formally on Tuesday to avoid another violation of its airspace after an incident that exposed tensions between the NATO allies.

Last week, two U.S. F-16 warplanes briefly infringed Turkish airspace near the Iraqi border. U.S. diplomats say the incident was an "accident." Turkish media say it was intended to send a message to Ankara not to send its troops into northern Iraq.

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