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May 28, 2007

Mr. Neocon: Bush will Bomb Iran

The founder of the neo-fascist neocon movement, Norman Podhoretz, believes King George will bomb Iran before he leaves office:
“I believe,” Podhoretz told the Israel Broadcast Authority on May 24 (see video below), “contrary to what many people assume, that [Bush] will [attack Iran] before he leaves office, possibly shortly before he leaves office,” thus leaving the political fallout to the incoming president, more than likely a Democrat. “I think he agrees with the analysis that I offer that there is no alternative to military action.”

He believes we are already fighting World War IV, and that Ahmadinejad is the new Hitler. As quoted by Another Day in the Empire:
“As the currently main center of the Islamofascist ideology against which we have been fighting since 9/11, and as (according to the State Department’s latest annual report on the subject) the main sponsor of the terrorism that is Islamofascism’s weapon of choice, Iran too is a front in World War IV. Moreover, its effort to build a nuclear arsenal makes it the potentially most dangerous one of all,” Podhoretz writes for the June issue of Commentary Magazine.

Another Hitler reference was made in justification of a potential war with Iran, by disgraced former Bush UN Ambassador and Neocon, John Bolton:
Finally, the Podhoretz appearance on Israeli television and his avowed declaration Bush will certainly invade Iran arrives less than two weeks after out-going United Nations ambassador John Bolton told the Daily Telegraph “Iran would be as dangerous as ‘Hitler marching into the Rhineland’ in 1936 and should be prevented by Western military strikes if necessary…. The Pentagon has drawn up contingency plans for military action and some senior White House officials share Mr Bolton’s thinking.”

So don't be fooled By the Bush administration meeting Iran (which flies in the face of previous argument that just such a meeting would serve to embolden the enemy). It is merely a ruse by the Bushies to make it look like they aren't contemplating attacking that country:
The United States and Iran held their most high-profile bilateral talks in nearly three decades on Monday, adhering to an agenda that focused strictly on the war in Iraq and on how the two nations, bitter adversaries, could work to improve conditions here.

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