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May 27, 2007

CNN: Young Officers Leaving Service at 'Alarming' Rate

If you want to know what our future military leaders think of the Iraq War, this article should answer that. Such losses undermine our ability to defend our country from future military threats. Just another disastrous example of the Bush legacy:
CNN reported on Friday about the "alarming number" of mid-level army officers leaving the military as soon as they complete their initial commitment, many of them citing family reasons and multiple deployments. The army has been forced to offer new incentives for re-enrolling, including bonuses and extra training.

The percentage of career officers deciding not to stay in the military is the highest it has been since the Vietnam War and includes many West Point graduates, "creating a brain drain in the top ranks." A general interviewed by CNN expressed concern that "we're losing the next generation of future combat leaders for the army."

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