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May 02, 2007

Blair: I Won't Be Prime Minister in a Few Weeks

Senators wary of Bush's wiretap proposal
Citing FBI abuses and the attorney general's troubles, senators peppered top Justice and intelligence officials Tuesday with skeptical questions about their proposal to revise the rules for spying on Americans.

More than 200,000 rally in US May Day immigration marches
More than 200,000 activists rallied across the United States on Tuesday, demanding an overhaul of immigration laws and greater rights for the country's estimated 12 million illegal workers.

Irate Afghans protest again over civilian deaths
Afghans protested for a fourth day on Wednesday over the killing of civilians by U.S.-led coalition forces hunting Taliban, adding to pressure on Western-backed President Hamid Karzai amid rising violence.
Bush veto puts new pressure on Democrats
President Bush's veto of an Iraq war spending bill that set timelines for U.S. troop withdrawals puts new pressure on Democrats in Congress to craft a compromise even as their caucus grows more fractious on the topic.

Warrants Issued for Darfur War Crimes Suspects
The International Criminal Court has issued arrest warrants for a Sudanese government minister and a janjaweed militia leader, both suspected of committing war crimes in Darfur, the court said Wednesday.

Blair: I Won't Be Prime Minister in a Few Weeks
British Prime Minister Tony Blair tried to head off a massive protest vote in tomorrow's midterm elections by confirming that he will set out his departure plans next week and anoint Gordon Brown as his successor.

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