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April 25, 2007

U.S. to Press Russia Again over Missile Shield

We are headed for a return to the cold war. And there is no reason for it. Why is idiotic administration provoking the Russians by seeking to deploy missiles in Eastern Europe. But you have to hand it to King George, he is consistent. He certainly knows how to antagonize:
Washington angered Moscow and unnerved some allies with its plan to deploy 10 missile interceptors in Poland and radar in the Czech Republic from 2012 to help shield the United States from what it sees as possible attacks by countries such as Iran and North Korea.

Timeline?! They refuse a timeline in Iraq but want one for Europe:
"The U.S. has put forward timelines (for its system). We can't simply let this pass," Erdmann said of concern in the alliance that some NATO members would feel like second-class allies if they ended up with less protection than others.

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