Daily Revolt

April 23, 2007

U.S. Knew of China Missile Test, but Kept Silent

China can do no wrong as long as big business makes big profits over there. The mainland is the greatest threat to America, long term. Nevertheless, they have bought the silence of our government:
It was the first successful demonstration of an antisatellite missile by any country in more than 20 years. Pentagon officials warned that the test had increased the threat to American satellites. Space experts fretted that it had spawned a cloud of orbiting debris. American diplomats complained to their counterparts in Beijing.

What administration officials did not say is that as the Chinese were preparing to launch their antisatellite weapon, American intelligence agencies had issued reports about the preparations being made at the Songlin test facility. In high-level discussions, senior Bush administration officials debated how to respond and even began to draft a protest, but ultimately decided to say nothing to Beijing until after the test.

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