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April 23, 2007

Africa’s Crisis of Democracy

A breeding ground for Islamic jihadism:
Nigeria’s troubled presidential election, which came under fire on Sunday from local and international observers and was rejected by two leading opposition candidates, represents a significant setback for democracy in sub-Saharan Africa at a time when voters in countries across the continent are becoming more disillusioned with the way democracy is practiced.

The reason:
“We are not a poor country,” Mr. Adhama said. “We have oil, we have resources. But it is the management of those resources that has been lacking. They have been hijacked. And then when we come to vote them out of office for their misdeeds, they hijack that as well.” He said life now was in many ways worse than it was under military rule — there was more crime, less order. The one real improvement is the ability to freely speak his mind, Mr. Adhama said. “But even that is worthless,” he said. “What is the point of talking if no one is listening?”

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