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April 13, 2007

Opposition to Putin Grows in Russia; Parallels to U.S.

Not too unlike what's happening in America:
Opponents of the Russian president are to take to the streets of Moscow to protest against what they say is the trampling of democratic freedoms.

Some might argue this is what we need here. But this is what separates the United States from Russia, we still have constitution that gives us some recourse in removing a scoundrel:
The march comes as Russia warned it wanted the extradition of London-based exile Boris Berezovsky.

Mr Berezovsky told the UK's Guardian newspaper he was plotting "revolution" to overthrow Vladimir Putin.

And unlike Bush, Putin is still popular. Maybe the president should take some pointers from Vladimir:
Despite the protest, Mr Putin remains a popular figure with many in Russia, credited with bringing economic stability to the country.

This definitely sounds like what is going on here:
Mr Berezovsky had said he wanted to see Russia become a free and democratic country - but that fair elections were not viable under the current regime.

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