Daily Revolt

April 09, 2007

Dow Chemical Takeover: More Globalization of U.S. Economy

Is there anything left of U.S. industries? It seems that everything is being outsourced. At what point does this sell out become a national security threat. How do we allow a giant U.S. company (Dow Chemical), albeit a multi-national corporation, be allowed to be taken over by several middle-eastern interests? We already have a foreigner controlling a major media outlet. And that media power is working on behalf of one of the two parties. I'm obvious talking about FOX news. Our borders and being overrun and our ports are being taken over by foreigners. Is it only a matter of time before we have a foreign flag flying alongside the stars and stripes:
A consortium of Middle Eastern investors and American buyout firms is preparing a $50 billion approach for Dow Chemical Co. in what could be the world's biggest ever leveraged buyout, a paper said on Sunday.

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