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April 09, 2007

Karzai Wants More Troops Although al Qaeda, Taliban Losing

If al Qaeda is losing than why does the Afghanistan head of state want more troops:
Karzai, however, said though his country needed more help, the United States had not failed Afghanistan and the Taliban and al Qaeda had been beaten.

What progress are you talking about? Unless you're talking about the bumper opium crops:
Afghanistan has endured more than three decades of conflict, from the Soviets in the 1980s, to the Taliban in the '90s, to the Americans that ran them out in 2002. Karzai said that while suicide bombers and insurgents had hurt Afghanistan, they would not hinder its progress.

"It hurts us. It kills our people. It hurts our children, but it does not stop the progress we are making as a nation," he said.

Afghanistan needs twice as many NATO troops? Fat Chance they'll get that amount:
Military experts say that 30,000 American troops are not enough to ensure peace in Afghanistan and that the country needs about 80,000 more American and NATO soldiers. Karzai agreed that Afghanistan could benefit from more force.

Why don't you have enough Afghan troops or resources to fight, Mr.Karzai?:
"We don't have enough manpower or enough equipment, or air power to respond to certain situations, and I believe we should add that power to the fight in Afghanistan," he said. "That's a military matter that the Ministry of Defense, and somebody should say, 'What else do you need?' But the overall picture I can tell you is that we need more forces and more ability to project force."

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