Daily Revolt

April 25, 2007

Federal Investigators Probing White House

Could Impeachment be looming:
A little-known federal investigative unit has launched a probe into allegations of illegal political activity within the executive branch of government, including a White House office led by President Bush's close adviser, Karl Rove.

The American people must start demanding that this administration be brought to justice. To allow a neo-fascist administration to exist for the next two years would be castastrophic for all, even Republicans:
"We're in the preliminary stages of opening this expanded investigation," Loren Smith, a spokesman for the special counsel's office, an independent investigative and prosecutorial agency, said Tuesday. "The recent suggestion of illegal political activities across the executive branch was the basis we used to decide that it was important to look into possible violations of the Hatch Act."

The office, led by Scott J. Bloch, enforces the Hatch Act, a 70-year-old law that bars federal employees from engaging in political activities using government resources or on government time.

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