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March 20, 2007

Scientist Accuses Bush of Nazi-style Tactics

4 years after declaring "mission accomplished" Mr.Bush is not just asking for patience but is fact demanding non-interference with his wreckless military policies:
George W. Bush marked the beginning of the fifth year of the Iraq war on Monday by warning the Democratic-controlled Congress to approve $100bn in emergency funding for the war “without strings and without delay”.

He's making his demands at a time when Americans are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the progress of the war in Iraq:
Just after the war began, 72 percent of Americans said they favored the war; today only 32 percent do.

More than six in 10 people oppose the war, and nearly half say they strongly oppose it. Four years ago only one in five said they were strongly against the war.

ABC news reported yesterday on a poll done among Iraqis. The war is so unpopular among the people Bush claims to be liberating that 51% support attacks on U.S. troops. And just as incredibly, only 18% blame al Qaeda for the violence in Iraq, while 40% blame the coalition forces.

So with these overwhelming facts working against us, where does this president come off demanding anything. It is this arrogance that led one scientist, who was being told not to speak out on global warming, to accuse the administration of Nazi tactics.

If you think about it, there are a lot of Nazi or Fascist tendencies in this administration. This president seems to think he is above the law. He and his cronies have shown nothing but contempt for everyone including their own party. Like the Nazis Bush invaded a country under false pretenses, and in the process started a two front war. Remember Hitler's mistake of fighting the British and Russians simultaneously? And like the Nazis this administration has spied on its citizens. Then there is the holding captive so-called terrorists without any due process while using or condoning torture against them. Lots of similarities. Don't you think?

Maybe the next logical step would be for Bush to declare war on Congress if they don't give him what he wants. And while you are at it, declare war on the American people since you don't give a damn about what we think.This kind of thinking would be consistent with your famous line, "you are either with us or against us."

I have news for you, Mr. Bush, we are not all intimidated or brainwashed by you:
Police arrested more than 100 Iraq war protesters in San Francisco and New York City on Monday as the nation marked the fourth anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq.

Uniformed police outnumbered the fewer than 100 protesters outside the stock exchange building at the corner of Broad and Wall streets in New York's historic financial district.

Even if its just one individual. Standing up to injustice is a duty:
A U.S. Iraq war veteran and activist Monday accused President Bush of "misfeasance" on conducting the war in Iraq.

"It's no longer incompetence from the president -- it's misfeasance in office. Members of Congress are flat out wrong to rubber stamp that," Jon Soltz, Iraq war veteran and chairman and co-founder of VoteVets.org, said in a statement marking the fourth anniversary of the beginning of military operations to topple Saddam Hussein on March 19, 2003.

"Four years, tens of thousands of my fellow troops dead and wounded, a decimated military, increasing violence, a deteriorating political situation, and Osama bin Laden smiling and eating lamb chops somewhere in Pakistan -- that is the legacy of this misguided war in Iraq," Soltz said.

You might want to silence this former CIA guy that is going around talking about the dangers of global warming. I know that's one of the most taboo topics for a oil man like yourself. Why don't you accuse him of being an al Qaeda sympathizer and make him disappear like the others:
The United States must act to cap its emissions of greenhouse gases and join the fight against climate change or risk losing global leadership, a formerCIA director said in a report released on Monday.

"The United States must adopt a carbon emission control policy," John Deutch, head of theCentral Intelligence Agency in 1995-96, said in a report to the Trilateral Commission, a grouping of business and opinion leaders from Europe, the United States and Asia.

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