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March 17, 2007

Four Years on, War Costs Bush at Home and Abroad

And he ain't done yet:
Four years after he began the Iraq war, a diminished President George W. Bush has sacrificed much of his domestic agenda and eroded U.S. credibility abroad in pursuit of the sort of nation-building he once scorned, analysts say.

The president's job approval ratings have fallen from 90 percent shortly after the September 11 attacks to just over 30 percent.

The Bush legacy:
"The impact has been devastating," Eichenberg said. "American standing abroad is by all measures at its lowest point in history. This is true in Europe, this is true in other parts of the world. Whether this can be reversed in a new administration, Republican or Democrat, we will have to see."

All he can do is to repeat the same line that the Republicans think will work for them:
President Bush on Saturday accused Democrats who are moving anti-war legislation through Congress of using troops as leverage to win domestic political battles.

"Unfortunately, some in Congress are using this bill as an opportunity to micromanage our military commanders, force a precipitous withdrawal from Iraq and spend billions on domestic projects that have nothing to do with the war on terror," Bush said in his weekly radio address. "Many in Congress say they support the troops, and I believe them. Now they have a chance to show that support in deed, as well as in word."

Does this clown really believe that he can convince Americans into thinking that the Democrats don't support our troops? The truth is that Americans trust the Democrats more than Bush on how to run the war. Which isn't saying much.

But its even worse than that. Bush, and his neocon friends, have not given up the idea of attacking Iran. They are still looking for the right opportunity. But military action against that Islamic country would lead to more terrorism:
Iran's army commander has warned the United States and other Western powers not to make any "stupid move" over Tehran's nuclear work, and suggested they would be surprised by Iran's military response if they attacked.

In fact, the other major powers, like Russia, oppose military action. They think negotiation is the way:
Russia urged the United States to show more flexibility toward Iran to solve the crisis.

"On North Korea, they were able to show flexibility, they were able to reach a compromise and got away from demands in the form of ultimatums," Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.

"I think the same approach would help restart negotiations on the Iranian nuclear dossier as well," he said in Moscow.

Look at the results we are getting with North Korea. Why not the same with Iran:
North Korea has begun preparations to shutdown and seal its key Yongbyon atomic reactor, South Korea's top nuclear envoy said Saturday.

Instead, the Bush neocon establishment, many of whom are loyal to Israel, want to destroy Iran, Hezbollah, and Hamas:
Palestinian prime minister designate Ismail Haniya reached out to allay Western concerns as he called for a Palestinian state on lands Israel occupied in 1967, vowed to respect past peace accords signed with the Palestine Liberation Organization, and said his government would work toward the release of captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit.

Israel wants the Palestinians to surrender to their demands:
Israel immediately refused to have any contacts with the new unity cabinet, which it said failed to meet any of the demands laid out by the West for resuming aid -- that it renounce violence, recognise Israel and honour past peace accords.

This attitude has the blessing of the Bush gang. They want to conquer not negotiate.

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