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March 19, 2007

Congressman Delay Accuses American People of Treason

Since Americans support a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq Tom Delay is accusing us of Treason:

MR. RUSSERT:Mr. Delay, you raise an interesting point in an interview--in your political column. You talked about congressmen advocating withdrawal, and you conclude by saying, "Yes, I am questioning their patriotism." Why is that?

FMR. REP. DeLAY: Well, I--it, it is my opinion that when you go to war, we ought to all come together. You can debate going to war, that's a legitimate debate. But once you have our soldiers and our, our young people dying on the battlefield, we should come together, and we shouldn't have what we had yesterday on the Mall of, of, of--in Washington, D.C. When the--those are not, in my mind--my opinion, patriots that are talking about impeaching the commander in chief, that are--that are--work as, as Tom's group works....

MR. RUSSERT: But setting a date for--is setting a date for withdrawal...

FMR. REP. DeLAY: ...every step of the day, undermine--I think it's aiding and abetting the enemy. When you tell the enemy what your strategy is, that's aiding and abetting the enemy because they can use that strategy to come back and harm your soldiers.

Well, Mr.Delay, I think your stupid policies aid and abet the enemy. I think putting Americans in harms way needlessly is treasonable. Allowing this President to torture or abuse the rights of prisoners accused of terrorism is treasonable:
Two U.S. senators who observed the military hearing of an Al Qaeda suspect at the U.S. detention camp in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, said on Friday the man's allegations of mistreatment should be investigated.

"To do otherwise would reflect poorly on our nation," said Sens. Carl Levin and Lindsey Graham in a statement.

Speaking of treason, what do say of an administration that violates our constitutional rights or allows them to be violated:
FBI counterterrorism officials continued to use flawed procedures to obtain thousands of U.S. telephone records during a two-year period when bureau lawyers and managers were expressing escalating concerns about the practice, according to senior FBI and Justice Department officials and documents.

FBI lawyers raised the concerns beginning in late October 2004 but did not closely scrutinize the practice until last year, FBI officials acknowledged. They also did not understand the scope of the problem until the Justice Department launched an investigation, FBI officials said.

Not only does this President violate our constitutional rights and weaken our nation, but he sucks in general. Just ask Donald Trump. He called Bush the worst president in American history. The Iraqi people also think Bush sucks:
There was very little trust in U.S. and British troops. By a ratio of more than 4-to-1 — 82%-to-18% — Iraqis surveyed said they had little confidence in coalition forces.[...]Poll respondents also said they've seen little progress on reconstruction as a result of billions of dollars in U.S. aid spent since the March 2003 invasion. By a 2-1 margin, Iraqis called those efforts "ineffective."

And now more and more soldiers in Iraq think that Bush and this war suck:
Only about one-fifth of 10,000 veteran officers in the Army's Individual Ready Reserve say they're willing to be deployed overseas, an Army survey shows. It suggests souring attitudes within the military toward U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The rest of the officers are either quitting, retiring or being let go for failing to respond to Army questions about their readiness to deploy. The Army provided the survey results to USA TODAY.

And the evidence suggests the surge is not working - surprise, surprise. If Gates says it is too soon to say whether the surge is working this means it is not working. And given this past weekend, it is clearly not working:
The U.S. military on Sunday announced the deaths of seven more troops in Iraq, including four killed by a roadside bomb while patrolling western Baghdad — the
latest American casualties in a monthlong security crackdown in the capital.

Not only is Mr. Bush's surge not working but the homefront isn't doing to well either. We face another type of invasion--tainted food. This is another war that is being lost because this White House isn't even fighting it:
[...]cantaloupe recalls reveal another vulnerability in the nation's food-safety defenses: Imports are escalating, but the FDA's ability to inspect them and police their safety isn't keeping up, say former FDA officials, government watchdogs and food-safety experts.
The FDA inspects about 1% of the imported foods it regulates, down from 8% in 1992 when imports were far less common.

And there is another war brewing that we will end up having to fight. This one will also be coming over our borders. And It will lead to the deaths of many Americans if we lose it. Up till now there is no evidence that this President is taking the threat seriously:
Hundreds of Mexican soldiers have taken over the police headquarters in the eastern Tabasco state, as part of an effort to curb drug-related violence.
The troops seized weapons from police, after the force had come under suspicion of working with drugs gangs.

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