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March 16, 2007

Shiites Protest Baghdad Crackdown

How do you win a war when the enemy are the same people you claim to be liberating:
Shiite protesters Friday demanded the removal of a US military base from Sadr City in east Baghdad as US commanders reported a surge of attacks on troops in a province near the capital.

More than a thousand unarmed but angry Shiites spilled out of mosques after Friday prayers to demand the base be removed from their Sadr City bastion, in the first sign of Shiite opposition to a new security plan.

Bush's answer is to send even more troops:
The Pentagon is sending an additional Army brigade of 2,600 troops to Iraq, raising the number of soldiers approved for President George W. Bush's security plan to nearly 30,000, a senior defense official said on Friday.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates approved the early deployment of the Army's Third Infantry Division combat aviation brigade to support 21,500 combat troops being sent to quell sectarian violence in Baghdad and Iraq's Anbar province, the official said.

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